Faculty of Geo-economics enrolls students at the four-year undergraduate academic programme:


International Economics and Finance is an entirely new studying programme based on the experience of the best universities in the world. International compatibility and recognition of this programme is ensured, apart from other things, by the fact that majority of courses are studied from the translation of the world reference textbooks. This programme is primarily aimed at the students wishing to acquire analytical knowledge in international economics, finance and banking. Besides English, a second foreign language is studied at all four years of studies. On graduating the students will be qualified for work in organizations, banks and companies which require a high level of analytical knowledge.
The studies last four years, and on their completion according the Law on Higher Education the students are awarded the title of Bachelor in economics. The programme offers an opportunity for further studies at a master degree in the country and abroad.


All the candidates with a high school diploma (the fourth level of
education) have the right to enrollment at the first year of studies.
Foreign students with previously validated secondary school diploma also
have the right to enrollment.

All the candidates wishing to enroll at the first year of studies must take the entry exam.
The entry exam is in the form of the written test. Its first part consists of the economics preference test, and the second part involves a short letter of motivation.

The following documents must be submitted before taking the entry exam:

  • A high school or secondary school diploma;
  • 4 certificates, one for each secondary school year;
  • Birth certificate (not older than six months);
  • The receipt of the payment for the entry exam.

All documents could be originals or certified copies not older than 6 months.

For further questions regarding the enrollment and studies at Faculty of Geoeconomics contact us.