Join curriculum of Faculty of Geo-economics and Faculty of Business studies of University John Naisbitt

PhD studies last three
years and correspond to the total of 180 ECTS. The students who have
collected 300 ECTS during their previous education, at undergraduate and
graduate master studies are eligible for enrollment. The following
courses are studied at the PhD studies:

Core courses
Semester ECTS
Economic analysis 1 10
Mathematical and statistical methods in economics 1 10
International economics 2 10
Finance and Banking 3 10
Elective portfolio (a student chooses 4 out of  the 8 courses)
European Union 2 10
Management: strategies, culture and globalization 2 10
Sustainable development 2 10
Science, technology and management 2 10
Geoeconomics and economic diplomacy 3 10
Corporate management 3 10
Contemporary international law 3 10
Marketing management 3 10

After having
successfully taken four obligatory, and four out of eight electives, a
student writes a doctoral thesis which corresponds to 100 ECTS.