The master studies curriculum at Faculty of Geo-economics has a clearly recognizable, specific aim, which is gaining competences for professional and scientific work in the fields of national and international and regional economies and international institutions.

The purpose of this curriculum, as well as its whole concept, focus the programme on macroeconomic aspects of international relations, underlining geopolitical, economic, geographical and social specifics of particular regions as well. Special attention is paid to the fundamentals of general economic knowledge, without which these economic processes could be understood.

Faculty of Geo-economics enrolls students at the master curriculum:

BANKING AND FINANCE (this is realized as a join curriculum together with Faculty of Business Studies and Pantheon University from Athens)

Terms of enrollment:

  • Completed studies in related fields with the grade point average not lower than 8
  • Knowledge of business English

Necessary document s for enrollment are:

  • Certified copy of the diploma
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of the passed exams
  • Two photos for the student’s index,
  •  a short CV

For more information contact:
Student Service – II & III level of studies

Contact persons:
Marijana Zimonjic (
Elena Dejanovski (
+381 11 220 30 23, +381 11 220 30 90;
address: Goce Delceva 8 Street, Belgrade, Serbia;

Geoeconomic and regional studies

The aims of the curriculum are:

  • Educating and enabling students for gaining knowledge and skills for
    the overall understanding of general economic    theories and strategies
    of economic and social development in the modern world;
  • Systematic studying of the specific elements of geography, history,
    culture, civilization of particular world regions and the influence of
    these factors on differences and similarities in theories and strategies
    of economic and technological development;
  •     Becoming
    acquainted with the content and phenomenal forms of interrelatedness and
    dependence on the global and regional economic and social processes;

Banking and finance

The aims of the curriculum are educating and enabling students in the field of finance and banking with the aim of:

  • gaining knowledge and skills of the overall understanding of general
    contemporary theories and models in the filed of finance and banking;
  • systematic studying of specific elements of particular concepts and
    techniques of management in banking, financial analyses, financial and
    banking operations and financial engineering, with an emphasis on the
    structural financial products and managing financial risk;
  • becoming acquainted with a modern procedure and instruments for
    financial analysis, with the aim of optimizing decision making in banks,
    other financial institutions and companies;
  •     application of
    the acquired professional, scientific and methodological knowledge in
    successful business operations, enhancement of one’s professional skills
    and further education. Final project particularly contributes to this