Course Semester ECTS  
First year  
1 Scientific Research Methodology 1 6 more
2 Mathematical and Statistical Models and Computers 1 6 more
3 Macroeconomic analysis 1 8 more
4 International economics 1 8 more
5 Elective courses (student choose one) 1 7
Regional Economic Geography of the World more
Geographic Information systems more
5 Elective courses (student choose one) 2 7
Theory and Practice of Economic Diplomacy more
Sustainable Development Strategies more
6 Elective courses (student choose one) 2 4
Macroeconomic Policies of the European Union more
The EU Agricultural Policy more
American economies more
International relations of Latin America more
Russian Contemporary Economy more
Economy of Asia more
Economies of the Middle East and North Africa more
7 Master thesis 2 14
Total ECTS 60