According to the Law on higher education and the Regulation on ECTS credits transfer of John Naisbitt University, students can transfer from other higher education institutions to Faculty of Geoeconomics to the year of studies that corresponds to the number of accumulated credits and compatibility of the covered courses, with or without taking additional exams.

A special Faculty committee is in charge of acceptance of the passed exams and transfer of ECTS credits.

Students who have graduated from the related two-year higher education institutions and collected 120 ECTS credits can enroll at the third year of studies without taking any additional exams. Students who have graduated from the unrelated two-year higher education institutions can enroll at the third year of studies with the obligation of taking additional exams. Students of Faculty of International Economics can transfer their collected ECTS credits to other faculties in the country and abroad, in accordance with the laws of different countries and general provisions of universities, i.e. faculties.